Keeping Busy On Bedrest

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I spent 86 days on bedrest last year!  It was absolutely excruciating!  It was so hard mentally and physically.  Lying in bed day in and day out really did a number on me, and although I sometimes joke about going back on bedrest now that I’m chasing two kids around, it’s an experience I wouldn’t wish on anyone.  I was so anxious and worried about my little one, not to mention bored out of my mind.  I thought I’d share some tips on how I kept myself and my mind occupied.

  • Crocheting/Knitting–  I was lucky enough that my grandma taught me how when I was really young, but even if you’ve never done it before it’s easy to learn. Just do a quick YouTube search and follow along! It’s how I learn new stitches all of the time.  Since I wasn’t able to properly prepare for baby, this helped settle my nesting urge.  Baby E now has loads of crocheted blankets and little outfits to snap newborn photos in.When clutter was driving me crazy I whipped up an organizer to hang by my bed to keep all of my essentials close by.  I was even able to do this almost completely lying down with the right pillow and position.
  • Swagbucks–  Being out of work meant I had to cut back my shopping.  Considering I had all day to sit around and browse online this was extremely difficult. I did some searches to see how I could come up with an extra bit of cash and found Swagbucks. I spend about an hour each morning doing surveys and other little tasks and have earned $75 in gift cards this month.  I’m waiting for my baby shower and then using this to splurge on whatever items I didn’t get from target guilt free!  You can learn how I optimized my earnings here!
  • Audibles– I have been using this to catch up on books I wanted to read. I LOVE reading with a physical book in hand, but it’s also quite relaxing to listen while crocheting or while sitting in my lounger out in the sun. If you follow my link you can get two free audiobooks and a $5 credit to your amazon account!
  • Kindle Unlimited– This app can be downloaded straight to your phone. The first month is free and then $10 from there after. Although it was a bit hard to navigate and find books I wanted to read, It as nice on those late nights where I wasn’t tired but the husband was snoring beside me. You can switch the screen to be dark with white lettering and stay up reading until you’re tired enough to doze off. I know my sleep schedule was a mess and this really helped me not lay there and overthink things.
  • Start A Blog-  It was a great way to pass the time and pushed me to be creative.  Bonus points that it continues to earn me some spending money and It’s now turned into a de-stressing hobby!  I teach you how to start your own blog here!
  • Coloring– When I first went on bed rest I had coworkers and friends bringing me coloring books and supplies.  I thought they were a bit crazy as I hadn’t colored in years.  Turns out it’s really relaxing.  I really struggled with anxiety while on bed rest and coloring was one of those activities that I could shut my brain down.  They say it’s equivalent to meditating.
  • Research your birth plan– For a while, I wasn’t sure I’d even be bringing Baby E home so I tried not to look too far into the future, but once I hit the third trimester I realized that I could be giving birth to a real baby in a very short amount of time.  I’ve always wanted a medication free delivery so I ordered books on hypnobirthingnatural hospital births, and of course a preemie book. I tried to take advantage of, my downtime and get prepared for the end game because yes bed rest eventually comes to an end.  Whoo!
  • Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime– We had Netflix, I’ve honestly not tried the other two but it was a savior. I watched endless episodes of any show that peaked my interest.  I realize this probably wasn’t the most productive use of my time, but some days my body wasn’t up for doing much more than just laying horizontally and that helped pass the time.
  • Scrapbook– I had the supplies sitting in the corner of the living room for over a year so I finally used Walmart’s printing/shipping and caught up A’s scrapbook.  It’s not anything extravagant.  I literally used a binder, page protectors, 8.5 x 11 card stock, a glue stick, and a sharpie and pieced together his life. When I finished him and I sat and read through it which was just more motivation to make sure I keep up on Baby E’s!  I’ve also made some pretty awesome books on shutterfly.  If you use my link we both get a free book!
  • Pregnancy Journal– I’m honestly not one to journal but I wanted to write everything down medically, and milestone wise so if I ever had the crazy idea to have another kid I could look back and remind myself what I had gone through to get Baby E here. I used the Belly Book as it has a lot of blank spaces in it to fill in and did my best to keep it up to date with all doctors appointments and hospital visits. Looking back through A’s I regret not writing more details because I know I had complications with him towards the end so this time, I’m making sure these hormones aren’t able to erase the unpleasant.

If you’re here I’m assuming you’re in a similar situation.  Although it was hard, do everything you can to follow your doctor’s orders.  My little one ended up coming ten weeks early and I would have given anything to be back in that bed so he wouldn’t have had such a long NICU stay. So hang in there, you can do it!  I can assure you the end result is so worth it!

*If you’re currently on bedrest, I’d love to hear how it’s going and what you’ve been doing to pass the time! 

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