6 Preemie Must Haves For Home Care


My little on arrived ten weeks early.  When we left the NICU 6 weeks later with a tiny little guy I was shell shocked and terrified of taking care of him without the nurses and monitors by my side.  Thankfully we figured it out thanks to the help of some amazing products, and you will too!  Here’s my tried and true must have preemie list.


  • Kiinde–  This is the only one I found that claimed it safely reheated pumped breast milk (even straight from the freezer) without damaging the good stuff and leaving hotspots. It’s super easy to use, just add water, turn the dial and go. Bottles are warm in less than 10 minutes
  • Ring Sling–  This has been a life saver.  Since leaving the NICU Baby E still loves being against my chest at all times.  This lets me keep him close and calm while I get things done around the house, we’ve gone for walks with this and I use it every time we leave the house.  I hate lugging around the car seat, especially after my csection. This is so easy to pop him in and out of for doctors appointments aimg_0845-2-3nd quick shopping trips.  I love that it encourages strangers to keep their hands off Baby E and he’s not exposed to as many germs when he’s covered and up against me.
  • Auto Rock & Play–  My friend gave me the original version of this and we quickly fell in love. Baby E has reflux like most preemies and quickly let us know that he hated the bassinet. This keeps him slightly reclined so he’s comfortable and his pediatrician didn’t have any problems with our sleeping arrangement.  However, Baby E is a tad bit spoiled and insisted on being rocked to fall into a deep sleep which was a bit tough at 2 am when I could barely keep my eyes open to feed him let alone rock him back to sleep.  After a quick google search, I found this one with the auto rock function that even blue tooth’s to my phone so I can control it without ever getting out of bed.  Let’s just say this baby was overnighted to my house and worth every penny spent!  The old one will go live at the babysitters until he outgrows it.
  • Dr. Browns Bottles– We went home on the standard NICU slow flow nipples, but once we got home and Baby E was more aggressive with his feedings, he’d suck the milk down way too fast and then be very gassy and would reflux. He was miserable.  We switched to Dr. Browns with the level 1 nipples and it has made a huge difference!  They seem even slower than the NICU bottles and force him to pace himself a bit while also stopping him from taking in too much air. They are pricey and a pain with all of the extra parts, but are worth the hassle.

  • Snuza Go
    –  I was so nervous to have him off the monitors when we got home.  We use this and clip it to his diaper for peace of mind.  I chose the go over the hero because instead of vibrating to try and alert the baby like the hero does, the go immediately beeps after however many seconds you have it set to.  I’d rather know sooner than later if he’s stopped breathing.
  • Muslin Swaddling Blankets–  I’m in love with these!  I have four and that seems to be enough to get me through laundry cycles.  It’s 90 degrees here so the fleece swaddles the NICU sent home with us are way too hot for my baby that already runs a bit warm.  I love that these are breathable and stretchy. They make the perfect swaddle but are still light weight enough he stays cool, they also make a great car seat cover for the times that I do lug the car seat around
  • Medical Organizer-  This is one I designed out of necessity.  Due to his prematurity my son has some lasting issues we are currently managing. This means specialists, therapists, and the occasional hospitalization or surgery.  I designed this planner with the complex moms in mind, it’s been a lifesaver for me while I attempt to stay organized. Head over to my Etsy shop and check it out!

These are the products that have kept me sane and made the transition to preemie momma as easy as possible! I hope they help you too!

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