Fighting a Cold Naturally While Breastfeeding


Having a seven-year-old and a newborn, naturally, someone is always sick and it always gets passed along to me.  I swear I just barely get over the first illness when someone comes coughing on me.

The first time I came down with a cold while breastfeeding I was so irritated. My husband had the same cold and kept downing cold pills in front of me looking pretty content, meanwhile, my nose was raw from blowing it and I couldn’t stop coughing.

These are just some tips and products I used to help get me through it as comfortably as possible.

  1. Run a cool mist humidifier– I kept this running on low in the bedroom 24/7.  Not only did it help me but also helped the little one sleeping in his rock-n-play next to me.  Resist the urge to add essential oils.  Eucalyptus although a highly recommended oil for colds, is not safe for little ones, it has been known to cause breathing problems.  I get all of my essential oil safety from here.
  2.  Drank a ton of tea.  I know not everyone loves tea but I highly recommend a cup of ginger tea as it is an antiviral and a cup of chamomile to soothe a sore throat.  I always keep these two on hand.  Avoid anything with mints in it as they are known to dry up supply.
  3. Have a lot of tissues on hand.  I went through boxes of Puffs +Lotion. Since I was unable to take anything with a decongestant, unfortunately, there wasn’t a lot to help dry up the drainage.
  4. Hot steamy showers. Right before bed I would try and sneak in for a hot shower.  This helped break up my cough and allowed me to clear out some of the drainages after so I could get some sleep.  I know showers aren’t always possible as a mom. Hopefully, you have a great husband that can take over for a bit while you take care of yourself.  I recommend not asking but telling them, that they are in charge for a few while you go shower.  This lessens the chance of them using their man cold as an excuse not to help out.
  5. Sleep.  This is a great time to actually nap when your little one naps.  Snuggle him or her up beside you and take a few cat naps. You both need your rest to feel better.
  6. Nurse often.  The first time I got sick I questioned whether or not I should nurse the baby. The answer absolutely yes!  Your body is producing what the baby needs to fight off the cold or better yet get sick in the first place.  So nurse and nurse often.
  7. Last but not least stay hydrated.  Drink lots of water, soup, and tea.  Keeping hydrated will help the drainage but also keep your milk supply up.  It’s not unusual to see a temporary dip while you are sick.  Don’t panic, mine picked right back up once I was feeling better.

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