How To Make Money Using Swagbucks


When I was on bed rest and our income was cut in half I searched high and low on how I could earn some extra money for all of those adorable baby things without ever having to leave my bed.  I stumbled upon Swagbucks and ended up having a lot of luck. I made $150 my first-month spending just and hour or two a day on it. Here are my tips on how you can do the same!

1. Set up an email account.  Before you ever sign up I recommend making up a new email account.  This will prevent your regular email from being filled up with spam from any offers you sign up for.  When that’s done go ahead and create a Swagbucks account!  If you use my referral link, even better!

2. Referrals, Referrals, Referrals!  Speaking of referring, this can be a profitable money maker if you get family and friends to sign up.  You’ll get 10% of any of their earnings.

3. Surveys first thing in the morning.  Surveys are my biggest money maker.  I feel that I find the best ones and qualify more often first thing in the morning.  Most surveys have a limit on how many people can take it and later in the day there aren’t as many left.   Answer your profile questions so they can better match surveys to you. Each survey has you answer some questions to see if you meet their qualifications.  Some are pretty long and boring but others I really enjoyed. For example watching movie trailers and giving your opinion!  If you ever feel that you didn’t get points you should have earned, make sure to screenshot things and report it to Swagbucks. They are pretty good and reimbursing you for points.

4. Shop and earn!  I would earn gift cards and then go spend them online through my Swagbucks referral links and earn even more points!  I downloaded the Swagbutton. It can be annoying at times but is a good reminder to use the link when you’re shopping.  Once you’ve checked out you can’t go back and get credit.  I would fill my cart and then hop out and go back in through my referral link and check out really quick. I found some of them would time out and I wouldn’t get credit.

5. Daily Goals.  Up at the top, you can see your daily goal. You want to do whatever it takes to reach that goal each day.  It can be a big point earner when you start reaching the 7, 14, 21,and monthly goal.  You have to consecutively meet the goal each day to get credit.  You’ll be alerted to claim the credit about a week into the next month.

6. Watch videos & play games.  These aren’t huge earners for me but when I’m just a few away from my daily goal, these are an easy way to get to that goal.

7. Sign up for offers.  This is where the new email account comes into play. There are tons of offers you can sign up for but most of them want your email so they can spam you with advertisements.  This isn’t a big deal if it’s not going to your main email and worth the 25 or so Swagbucks they offer to do so.  There are also a lot of big earners that are free trials, that you may have already used. If you use a new email you can resign up for these and earn points while doing so. The offers have to be signed up using the email linked to your account so this is important.

8. Make the most of your points.  After I had saved up quite a few points I’d cash out.  I usually would wait until I had $25 worth and would take advantage of the specials they had where you could cash in and save 12% and only use 2200 points instead of 2500.  Sometimes this meant waiting to cash in until the next offer opened up. It helped my points go a little farther for me.

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