Time Savers For Working Moms


To sum it up I am a full time working mom.  I exclusively pump (that means 3 hours a day at the pump), I have a baby that requires extra medical care, and my husband works out of town a lot.  This means my days start at 5am and end after 10pm and I still don’t have enough time.  This post contains affiliate links to companies that help keep me sane and run a mostly functional household.

Kroger ClickList Online Ordering– This is the greatest thing since sliced bread! Seriously.  I absolutely hate grocery shopping, especially now that I have a baby in tow and we are entering cold and flu season.  I spend Friday night meal planning and picking out my order and then go pick my groceries up the next day.  We live in the middle of nowhere but drive to a big city every Saturday for my oldest’s hockey practice.  We just stop and pick groceries up on the way home.  It’s amazing especially if you clip Kroger coupons to save money!

Grove Collaborative–  This company ships discounted family friendly household products. You start with a $10 credit and free shipping for signing up.  You can then set up how frequently and what products they ship you monthly. This is great for a busy household like mine that doesn’t realize you’re out of dish soap until you are standing there with an empty container.  It’s also a 45-minute drive for me to the nearest Target to find these items so it’s a win-win!

Amazon Subscribe and Save-  This is my go to for diapers. I not only have to keep my house stocked but also have to keep the babysitters stocked.  Setting up for subscribe and save has been a life saver.  You can also find some pretty great deals if you’re willing to buy in bulk and if you are a Prime Member you can save 20% off your order.  It’s well worth the yearly fee to have items at your door in two days.  Also keep an eye out below the listed price. They occasionally have coupons you can clip to give you an even bigger discount!

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