A Day In The Life Of An Exclusively Pumping, Full-Time Working Mom

Exclusively Pumping; Full Time Working Mom

My baby is 5 months old and has long been sleeping through the night.

However, my first alarm for the day goes off at 2am.  I make my way out to the kitchen, heat up some milk and add it to the baby’s continuous feed bag.  Sometimes I’ll then sit down and pump but often I fall exhausted back into bed.  My next alarm goes off at 5am and I debate whether or not I have enough time to sleep another half hour.  The answer is always no so I grab my robe and phone and quietly sneak out to the living room.  I make a cup of tea in the Keurig and sit down with my long time friend, the pump.  My morning pump usually takes an hour and about that time the little guy is waking up for the day.  Over the next hour, my husband and I run around the house getting ourselves and the children ready, including a twenty-minute breathing treatment for the little guy, running a load of laundry, and packing up the little guys supplies for the day.  We all rush out the door by 7:15.  (There are weeks my husband works out of town and my day then starts at 4am in order to have time to do everything on my own.)

I drop my oldest son off in the parent drop off line on my way to work.  School for him starts at 7:45.

The baby and I then head for the sitters.  He gets dropped off with any new instructions for the day and I head for my job just down the road.  The next 8 hours include 3, 30-minute visits to the pumping room, a meeting or two, many phone calls, and a few spreadsheets.  I’m out the door at 4:30pm.  Everything then runs in reverse order.

I stop and pick up the baby, and then stop at the school to pick up the oldest from after school care.

My husband usually gets off work at 4pm and heads home to start on dinner for us.

We eat quickly, work on homework, and I sit down to the pump again.

We often have an after work activity.  Mondays are boy scouts and Tuesdays are meetings at our volunteer fire department, (I am vice-president of auxiliary and husband is a captain on the department).  Wednesdays are family movie night, Thursdays are usually a free night to do grocery shopping and errands, and Friday we like to sit our butts on the couch, cuddle, and catch up on our DVR.

We get home, get the kids ready for bed, run the dishwasher, and get everyone tucked in. This includes story time, another breathing treatment, baths/showers, and setting up the baby’s continuous feed

By this point, my husband and I are exhausted.  But I sit down to do my last pump at 9pm while we watch a show together or I work on the blog.  We then fall into bed ready to start this all over again.

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