DIY Air Purifier On The Cheap


I wanted to share how I created my own DIY Air Purifier.  Like usual, my house is filled with sick kiddos.  My oldest has very severe mold allergies and they are in full swing right now.  We live in farm country and the entire state’s corn crop is infested with mold.  As farmers are digging into the fields, my oldest’s asthma is super flared up.  On top of that, the little one has been battling aspiration pneumonia and his lungs are junk at the moment.  I went to pull out our fancy air purifier and at some point, the dog must have decided the cord looked like a tasty snack.  Sigh…

I decided to throw one together on the fly. Costing me only $15!! I ran to my local hardware store and purchased the fanciest air filter they had.  I went for 3M’s Advanced Allergy 20x20x1.  It’s the perfect size for a boxed fan and claims to have all the bells and whistles.  If your budget is tighter they have filters for as low as $5 and I’m sure they are just as effective.  I set up a box fan in our main living room where we hang out, set the filter up against the back of the fan and set it on a low setting.  It’s now effectively filtering air through our room! A DIY Air Purifier is easy and cheap to create, especially if you already have these things lying around your house!


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