DIY Coffee Bar

DIY Coffee Bar

I wanted to share how I created my own DIY Coffee Bar.  My family is in love with it!  We are Keurig and tea obsessed.  Even the seven-year-old is well versed in how to make a nice cup of hot chocolate.

My inspiration started with my chalkboard I found at Ikea a while back, but I also found many similar ones on Amazon.  I love the hooks to hang our favorite coffee mugs and the chalkboard saying is the icing on the cake.

My husband went all out when purchasing the Keurig.  I thought he went a bit overboard but now the large size is awesome as we frequently use it for hot water to warm up Baby E’s milk.

I used quart sized mason jars and labels to store our sugar and cream.

We of course, have a K-Cup organizer but we needed more so I found a basket to handle our K-Cup obsession.

Creating the coffee bar was a lot of fun and has been a nice functional addition to our kitchen.  It is used daily and has created a more organized space for our kitchen!


Do you have a coffee bar? I’d love to see photos!


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