October Income Report

income report


At some point during my first month of blogging I came across an income report.  This blogger was making thousands of dollars a month.  It was inspiring but also seemed so far out of reach.   As I start my journey towards a stay at home mom I’ve started putting more time into my blog.  I’m learning how to make better graphics and how to use pinterest to drive traffic.  I’m becoming familiar with affiliate income and trying to settle into my niche.

After a lot of debating I thought I would start posting my income reports.

I hope to inspire new bloggers, to watch me hopefully grow to a small blog into something that may make me a steady monthly income.  Although thousands would be great, I’d be happy to earn enough to supplement my loss of income while still offering helpful content and providing me with a creative outlet.


At the end of September I moved my blog from Blogger to WordPress.  I had one popular post on Blogger but because of my technical inefficiancies, I ended up starting completely over.

Right now my only source of income is Amazon Affiliate.  I’ve applied to become an Etsy Affiliate and am hoping to gain enough traffic over the next few months to sell some ad space.

This is my Amazon Earnings from my second month blogging.  Right now my primary source of traffic comes from Pinterest.

I have a Facebook and Twitter account but have not put a lot of time or effort into them yet.

I’ve focused on gaining Pinterest followers, joining group boards, and pinning my butt off.

Towards the end of this month I started playing around with scheduling pins through viralwoot and it seems to have help me gain a steady amount of clicks, which has then correlated to my Amazon Affiliate Income.

I’ve put time into learning how to create nicer graphics and customizing my web design.

At this point I am only spending a few hours a week on my blog and pinning on my mobile app in my spare time.

Here is how it has all paid off.


My wordpress stats


My Amazon Affiliate Report

I’m very confident that when I am able to put more time and focus onto my blog I will see a direct correlation to income.

If you’re interested in starting you’re own blog, I’ve outlined how I did it here.

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