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pregnancy after


When I found out I was expecting again, I felt the excitement and then immediately felt terrified.  What was supposed to be such a beautiful time was plagued with fear and anxiety.  I was hesitant to share anything about my pregnancy and no one seemed to understand.  Having successfully survived a pregnancy after loss I thought it important to share how I mentally got through it.

These are my tips for coping with a pregnancy after a loss and a great printable at the bottom of the post!

Find A Support Group– Whether it be a local PALS group or an online support group.  Find a place that you feel safe sharing your feelings. It’s a roller coaster ride and having a group of women that understand exactly what you are going through is the most important way to stay sane during a pregnancy after a loss. Every other Monday I’d meet with a group of girls and we would laugh, cry, and support each other.

Fetal Doppler- I know there are a lot of mixed feelings on these but as long as you don’t become obsessive they can be a big sanity saver.  I used mine if I ever hadn’t felt the baby for a few days in the beginning.  Later after my water broke and I became afraid of prolapsing again, it gave me comfort during our 45-minute ride to the hospital.

Book Recommendations- I read a lot of books.  One of my favorites was called Celebrating Pregnancy Again By Franchesca Cox. 

Mediation- You can find some great guided meditation on YouTube.  But just quieting your mind for ten minutes a day can do a wonder to curb negative thoughts.

A Journal–  Keeping a journal, whether it be a pregnancy journal or just a blank book where you can write our your thoughts and worries.  Something to help you document your journey.

A calendar–  I loved marking down the days and the weeks.  Hitting the big weeks like viability gave me something to celebrate.

Pregnancy after a loss is such an exciting venture but can also be quite scary.  The mantra above was taped to my mirror and I read it every morning to remind myself that I deserved to make the most of whatever time I had with that sweet baby.

Would you like your own mantra?  Download for your free printable.

What helped you get through your pregnancy after a loss?



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