How To Start A Blog And Start Earning Right Away


I first decided to start a blog out of boredom.  I was on bedrest and looking for ways to spend my time while making some spending money on the side.  I spent hours on Pinterest researching the best way to go about starting a blog and all things related.  Here is how I quickly and cheaply started up a profitable blog.

I ended up spending the money and starting a blog with WordPress using Bluehost. I initially set up with Blogger but after comparing the two and learning about the abilities to customize with WordPress I decided to spend the money. It ended up costing me $65 and I recouped my expense in two months using Amazon Affiliate.

If you follow my Bluehost link you can get web hosting for $5.95 a month.  If you’re willing to sign up for 36 months you can usually get it for as low as $1.95 a month.  I questioned which options I needed to pay for and the answer is none.  Unless you know you’re going to make it to the big times quickly, a no fuss basic option without all the bells and whistles is best. This includes a free domain, 1 click WordPress install, and 24/7 support.  They also have a 30-day money back guarantee if you give it a try and decide blogging just isn’t for you.

Take Me To Bluehost

Once you’ve got Bluehost set up you’ll want to follow through with the one click Wordpress download and start creating your blog.  I’m not extremely tech savvy and I was able to set up and design my blog easily.  Warning! It appears overwhelming at first!  Once you dive into it, you’ll find it’s very user-friendly.  I used a generic template and then customized it with my colors and fonts. Now that I’m fully functioning in WordPress, I can’t imagine going back to Blogger.

My last tip for the beginning blogger is to sign up for and download Grammarly.  It’s a wonderful browser extension that catches many mistakes I would have let slip.  I whole-heartedly recommend it.  It helps my blog and my writing remain professional.  If you follow my link we both get a free week of premium!

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