G-Tube Must Have Items

gtube must haves

*This post contains affiliate links, but I don’t recommend anything that I haven’t tried and loved! 

Baby E received his Gtube a few months ago.  He received it on a Monday and by Wednesday we were sent home to figure the rest out.  It has been a crazy ride.  I’ll never forget how unprepared I felt the first time the tube fell out into my hands while replacing his pad.

I remember googling what I needed for bringing him home and what to expect and surprisingly my search results came up empty.  I thought I’d throw together a quick list of the items that have been a lifesaver while we figure this whole tube feeding thing out together.


G-tube Pads–  Reusable pads are great.  Not only do they absorb drainage, but they stay attached much better than the gauze and help to stabilize the tube. You need these.   I absolutely love these pads with the bamboo velour.  They are so soft and adorable.  They also wash and hold up really well.  When Baby E first got his Mini-One, I ordered ten.  I quickly realized I needed more than that.  They have a bad tendency to disappear along with all of his tiny socks. I also change his twice a day and quickly realized I don’t always do laundry fast enough to keep clean ones stocked.  I keep about twenty on hand now and it seems to be the perfect number.

Insulated Cooler Bag–  When we first when home on continuous overnight feeds I was told the milk had to be room temperature to prevent stomach cramps.  I would set my alarm for every two hours to refill his milk.  It was exhausting.  One night when I was overly tired I macgyvered a way to put an ice back against his feed bag and put an entire nights worth in it.  Best sleep I have ever gotten!  The cold didn’t seem to bother Baby E and I could finally get a full nights sleep.   I invested in one of these insulated backs for our IV pole and ice packs.  It’s great for keeping things cool all night!

Modified Feeding Bookbag–  These are amazing.  Especially when your little one is on the go.  Baby E hooks up to his continuous feed at 8 pm and we aren’t always home by then. These backpacks are great for when you’re on the go and even better when you’re little on is mobile. Modifying adorable skip hop toddler book bags are a genius idea.

Gtube Belt–  This protective belt provides some stabilization for the tube and keeps the tube protected from snags and little curious hands. This is a lifesaver once your child is mobile.

Snap Pajamas–  If your baby has a tube, pajamas with snaps is a must.  Unless we are going out my guy lives in snap pajamas now.  They are so convenient with the tube while still keeping him warm and fully dressed.  We love Carters and can usually find that at a pretty affordable price.

Complete Tubefeeding– This book has been so informational.  When Baby E first got his tube I was lost.  This book helped explain a lot of the what to expects and how to handle certain scenarios.

Calmoseptine Ointment- Granulation tissue is something almost every tubie deals with. I’ve seen some pretty awful photos on google.  Thankfully Baby E’s has been pretty mild.  I use this cream on it when it gets irritated and it usually does the trick.  My biggest piece of advice is to make sure it stays dry and to change the pad twice a day.


I hope these products help you and your little one as much as they’ve helped me. I’d love to hear of any products that have been life changing for you in the comments! 

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