Keeping Kids Safe Online: For Busy Families

Kids Online Safety

*This post contains affiliate links,  however, I personally use and love this product. 

Our oldest son is in the Second grade.  Like most kids he LOVES electronics.  They even have laptops in the classroom!

My husband and I have struggled with limiting his time online.  We are busy, we get home, make dinner, get the house picked up, take care of the baby and before we know it, we realize that our oldest has just spent 2 hours playing on his tablet.

We went out in search of a program where we could set time limits on all of his devices while monitoring for us that he wasn’t accessing any inappropriate material.

Of course, we follow the basic safety rules.  Our computer is set in an open area of our busy living room, he doesn’t play on them in his room and no social media.

But he also likes to Google search for Pokemon pictures to color and one weird Pokemon name could have him accessing images he’s not mature enough to see yet.

So my husband found Qustodio.

We used the free trial and fell in love.  We now gladly pay for a yearly membership.

No longer do we argue over a just a few more minutes mom!  There are no more tears and tantrums.  His electronic limits are now clearly defined and managed by this program.

It blocks him from anything that may be inappropriate,  we can check in on him whenever we’d like.  We can set time restraints.  If we want only one hour of electronics a day, whether he does a half hour on the desktop and a half hour on his tablet, everything will lock him out after an hour of total time played. We can customize it to allow more time on the weekends or set just a general shut down at 8 pm. When he’s old enough to get a cell phone it even lets us take control of his messaging and calls and will provide location tracking.

We obviously don’t want to micromanage our son, but we also want to keep him safe and Qustodio allows us to customize what and how much monitoring we do.

It’s a very easy to use platform and we have been thrilled with it over the last year.  We absolutely love the timers and the feeling that we get knowing he’s safe online while we are busy managing the house.

I highly recommend it to all of my friends and now I’m recommending it to all of you!

If you follow my link you can sign up for a free trial and see if this program is right for your family.

You can also get a 20% discount if you pay today!

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