Top 5 Tips For Beginning Bloggers Without Breaking The Bank

Begining Blogger Tips
*This post contains affiliate links, but I only recommend products I use and love! 


Throughout the years I’ve had a few personal family blogs.  I’ve always enjoyed writing and sharing my experiences but life always got busy and my blog would fall to the wayside.  Let’s be honest, no-one was reading it anyways.

When I found myself bored out of my mind on bedrest, I came across an income report on Pinterest.

I was amazed!

I couldn’t believe people were making that much money blogging!  To be honest I still don’t.

So I started another blog.

This time I was determined to take it seriously.

I did some searches and signed up for WordPress through Bluehost.  I’ve explained here how to do all of that.  This step was my biggest expense and cost me about $65.

I had a hard time committing that much money on a gamble, but I felt if I put in the initial investment, I would be more motivated to keep putting time and effort into my blog.

In the last six months, I have recouped my expenses and then some!

There are so many recommendations and courses, it can be quite overwhelming.  Here are my top five pieces of advice when you’re first starting out.

  1. Before you ever write your first post, sign up for and download Grammarly as a browser extension.  You’ll get a free week of premium by following my link and from there on out the basic version is absolutely free.  It’s an absolute must!  It catches so many mistakes while I’m typing and is very easy to use!
  2. Once you have your blog set up I would recommend signing up for Amazon Associates.  It has been my top income source so far. I’m sure this will change as I qualify for more affiliate programs and sponsorships, but as a beginning blogger it is easy to qualify for and can create a quick income stream.
  3. I know social media is important but the only one I’ve really got a handle on at the moment is Pinterest. It has been more than enough to drive traffic to my blog.  Create an account for your blog and start pinning and following.  I paid attention and found a few group boards.  You can message the owner for an invitation to join and start posting your stuff to the board.  This gets your pins seen by a larger audience. The more you repin the more followers you’ll gain.
  4. The next step also involves Pinterest.  I highly recommend signing up for a pin scheduler.  I personally use Tailwind.  The first 100 pins are free and I’m sure you’ll fall in love like I did.  If you download the browser extension it is so easy to schedule a large amount of pins at once. I would suggest creating a Pinterest board labeled My Blog Posts so it is easy to find your pins and schedule them.  I saw a dramatic increase in repins, followers, and blog traffic when I started using Tailwind.  So much so that I signed up for a premium account. It was one of those expenses that I would easily recoup.
  5. My last piece of advice is to make awesome graphics. I use Picmonkey. Again the basic version is free. Just Google free stock photos.  I’ve really liked Unsplash but there are a ton out there. Awesome graphics are the key to getting clicks and shares!

I really hope these help!  I was so lost as a new blogger and these are the products and tips that really changed the blogging game for me.  I was able to run a functional blog with these, giving me time to dig a little deeper into personalizing and monetizing my blog.

I’d love to hear any success stories you may have with products or must haves!  I’m always learning! 

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