How To Earn Money On Bedrest

Money On bedrest

Last year I spent eighty-six days on strict bedrest.

Yes, I said 86!!

It put huge strains on our family mentally, physically, emotionally, and most of all financially.

I make a large part of our income.  I was lucky and had short term disability that paid 50% of my income.  Unfortunately, we had been living above our means and to prepare for the baby and pay all of our bills we used up a large portion of our savings while I was on bedrest.

This meant I spent a lot of time searching for ways to earn extra money.  My goal was to earn a bit extra to pay for baby items off my registry. I’ve since realized there is a whole world of work from home opportunities, depending on your skills and commitment.

Swagbucks–  This is where I initially started.  I spent about an hour a morning and earned quite a few gift cards. It was a big help finishing off my target registry and it was nice to have some online shopping money.  See my post here for tips on how to make the most on Swagbucks.

Start an Etsy Shop–  I did a lot of crocheting while listening to books on tape and was able to sell some of my creations on Etsy.  If you can knit even better.  There is a huge market for knitted wool diaper covers, baby booties, hats, scarfs, whatever you can get creative with.   You could also create and sell printable pdfs, if you’re on a more moderate bedrest you could sew, the options are really unlimited.

Start A Blog–  My biggest regret was not starting my blog at the start of my bedrest.  I didn’t get into blogging until the end stretch.  I wish I would have started out when I had unlimited time to experiment, write, and research.  Blogging has been my most profitable side hustle.  It’s not only given me a good chunk of spending money each month, it has been the creative outlet I’ve been looking for.  See my posts here on how to start a blog and my top 5 tips for beginning bloggers.

WAHM.COM– This is a site dedicated to helping moms find legitimate work from home jobs.  I’ve always struggled with those because I have noisy kids and awful phone/internet coverage in my home. But if you have a quiet house in town with some basic admin skills you could easily find a job through this site doing customer service of some sort.

Use your skills-  Financial counseling, taxes, freelance writing, editing, tutoring, paper grading.  There are all sorts of opportunities out there if you have any specialized skills. Many bloggers are looking for virtual assistants and guest posts, Facebook groups are a gold mine for these jobs.  Local colleges look for help grading and editing papers.  Put yourself out there and you would be surprised who is willing to pay for skills you already have.

Selling Things- If things get really tight and your house is like mine, you have tons of stuff you don’t use or need anymore.  Books, clothes, movies, old decorations or furniture.  You can make extra cash and clear out the clutter before your little one arrives.  Just take photos and list them on your local facebook garage sale site, or Letgo and have your husband handle the meets.

Bedrest was incredibly hard on me but it was worth every second now that I have an adorable little guy that needed every extra second in the womb he could get. Please take care of yourself!  See my post on ways to keep busy on bedrest!

These are just some of the ideas I looked into or actually put into use while on bedrest.  I’d love to hear what has worked for you!

*If you have any legitimate side hustles please leave them in the comments!

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