Why I Kicked My Caffeine Addiction

caffeine addiction

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Hi, my name is Bre and I’m a Caffeine Addict.

Or so I used to be…

I would wake up to a cup of coffee, a few pops in the afternoon, a Starbucks drive by on my way home from work, and then wonder why I would have massive panic attacks and struggle to fall asleep.

It didn’t click until when talking to my doctor about my anxiety he asked if I tried cutting out caffeine.

It was such a simple suggestion that made a massive difference.

I quick google search will tell you that aside from the benefit of increased alertness, caffeine has all sorts of detrimental effects on our body. From our nervous system to our reproduction system,  caffeine affects the body.

Did you know you can even overdose??

Cutting caffeine isn’t easy. Some people are able to stop cold turkey but may have withdraws.  Others wean off slowly over a couple weeks.

Either way, if you struggle with anxiety and insomnia and can’t put your finger on why I would suggest giving this a try!

I’d like to say that it will save you a lot of money (it could). But, I still love an occasional Starbuck’s and treat myself to a pop a few times a week.  I’ve just found caffeine free alternatives.

I drink lots of herbal tea, caffeine free Pepsi, and order decaf versions of my favorite coffees.

Dropping caffeine has also led to some overall lifestyle changes.  I drink more water.  If I need an energy boost in the morning I make up a fruit smoothie and add in my favorite probiotic.  We’ve started taking family walks through a local state park and I can go miles without my heart feeling like it’s going to jump out of my chest.  And now my favorite way to settle in for the night is to make a cup of sleepytime vanilla tea and meditate.  These are all things I couldn’t or didn’t do because I was filling up on sugary drinks

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I can happily say my feeling like I’m going to die moments are few and far between now.  Not cured by any means but my anxiety is much more manageable now and usually doesn’t require medication to get a handle on it when it flares up.  Thanks to having a caffeine free system I can usually use self-calming methods to talk myself down from a panic attack and when it gets out of hand and I need some extra help of medications I can truthfully tell my doctor I have been doing what I can to manage it on my own before resorting to stronger methods.

*I have been caffeine free for years now, but I’d love to hear about your stories of transitioning to a caffeine-free lifestyle!  What’s helped and what hasnt? 



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