Traveling & Hiking With A Gtube + Free Packing Printable!

If you told me 6 months ago I would travel ten hours, sleep in a remote cabin, and go hiking in the Smokey Mountains with a 9-month-old, let alone one with a feeding tube, I would give you the “you’re insane!” look.

But guess what?!

It’s totally possible because I did just that and it was amazing!

Don’t get me wrong I was a nervous wreck before we left and spent days packing and preparing.

But I wouldn’t trade the experience my family had for anything!

Here’s how I handled the logistics:

  1.  I used to find a rental home.  We were able to have an entire cabin to ourselves at the same price of a hotel.  With a Gtube baby a kitchen and washing machine are necessities! We wanted to stay in the mountains but I also wanted to be within distance to a medical facility.  We found a cabin on the edge of the smokies, about 15 minutes from a small town with a small hospital. A children’s hospital was within an hour drive.  It was perfect should anything go wrong. (It didn’t!)
  2.  I knew we would be on the go. Between the 10 hour drive and all of the activities, we had planned I needed to make my guy as mobile as possible.  I bought a skip hop book bag and converted it to easily hold his pump and supplies.  This was so easy to hang in the car and even from the back of our Ergo baby carrier as we were hiking.  Seriously it was amazing!
  3. I made up a packing list and then checked and double checked I had enough for the week and then a few extra days.  I knew it would be a pain to track down medical supplies that far from home so I overpacked in order to ease my mind.  He had an entire mini suitcase dedicated to supplies!  The only thing I didn’t pack was the IV pole. I decided we could improvise when we got to the house and I was right. It worked out just fine.  I’ve even attached my Gtube packing list for you that you can download at the end of this post!
Don’t believe me? here it is in action!

We had a blast!  We hiked over 6 miles of the Smokeys and checked out two waterfalls!

Jumped rock to rock at the Ocoee Whitewater Center and let the little guy splash in the creek.  He’s a total water baby and loved it!

We spent a day in Gatlinburg and explored the Ripley aquarium and other attractions.   Our oldest is obsessed with stingrays and sharks and absolutely loved their exhibits!

(They have an awesome package for military families!)

We had a blast and I’m so glad I didn’t let the Gtube slow us down.

So fear not, you can do this too!

Below is my Gtube packing list.

Get to planning and give yourself that family vacation you deserve!


gtube packing list


I’d love to hear the amazing places you’ve taken your Gtube kiddo, please comment below!

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