How To Earn Money On Bedrest

Money On bedrest

Last year I spent eighty-six days on strict bedrest. Yes, I said 86!! It put huge strains on our family mentally, physically, emotionally, and most of all financially. I make a large part of our income.  I was lucky and had short term disability that paid 50% of my income.  Unfortunately, we had been living above our means and to prepare for the baby and pay all of our bills we used up a large portion of our savings while I was on bedrest. This meant I spent a lot of time searching for ways to earn extra money.  My…

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C-Section Recovery Survival Guide

Maybe yours was planned, or maybe it came as a complete surprise like mine did.  Either way, hopefully, these will help you survive the days after! 1. Don’t try to be a hero, take the pain meds they offer for the first couple days and make sure the nurses give them to you on time. My nurses tried to dictate how much and how often I needed them, such as telling me it was time to cut them in half and space them out.  If you still hurt, stand your ground.  I promise you’ll only need them a few more days…

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Ultimate Guide to Progesterone Injections


So if you’re lucky enough to be on bed rest for preterm labor or incompetent cervix, it’s likely that you are one of the lucky ones that get to experience the joys of progesterone injections. I thought I would tell my story and then give you some useful tips I’ve discovered over the past 7 months of being on them. My doctor believes in the Creighton Model. My husband likes to joke that it’s his answer to everything. It extends to fertility and cycles, but in terms of progesterone and pregnancy support, it basically means they test my progesterone every two…

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Keeping Busy On Bedrest

I spent 86 days on bedrest last year!  It was absolutely excruciating!  It was so hard mentally and physically.  Lying in bed day in and day out really did a number on me, and although I sometimes joke about going back on bedrest now that I’m chasing two kids around, it’s an experience I wouldn’t wish on anyone.  I was so anxious and worried about my little one, not to mention bored out of my mind.  I thought I’d share some tips on how I kept myself and my mind occupied. Crocheting/Knitting–  I was lucky enough that my grandma taught…

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