Top 5 Tips For Beginning Bloggers Without Breaking The Bank

Begining Blogger Tips

*This post contains affiliate links, but I only recommend products I use and love!    Throughout the years I’ve had a few personal family blogs.  I’ve always enjoyed writing and sharing my experiences but life always got busy and my blog would fall to the wayside.  Let’s be honest, no-one was reading it anyways. When I found myself bored out of my mind on bedrest, I came across an income report on Pinterest. I was amazed! I couldn’t believe people were making that much money blogging!  To be honest I still don’t. So I started another blog. This time I…

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October Income Report

  At some point during my first month of blogging I came across an income report.  This blogger was making thousands of dollars a month.  It was inspiring but also seemed so far out of reach.   As I start my journey towards a stay at home mom I’ve started putting more time into my blog.  I’m learning how to make better graphics and how to use pinterest to drive traffic.  I’m becoming familiar with affiliate income and trying to settle into my niche. After a lot of debating I thought I would start posting my income reports. I hope…

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How To Start A Blog And Start Earning Right Away

I first decided to start a blog out of boredom.  I was on bedrest and looking for ways to spend my time while making some spending money on the side.  I spent hours on Pinterest researching the best way to go about starting a blog and all things related.  Here is how I quickly and cheaply started up a profitable blog. I ended up spending the money and starting a blog with WordPress using Bluehost. I initially set up with Blogger but after comparing the two and learning about the abilities to customize with WordPress I decided to spend the money.…

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