5 Signs Your Infant Is Having Difficulty Breathing

  My goal in this post is to help you feel more confident when you have to make the decision between an emergency room trip or waiting for that doctor’s appointment they squeezed you in for five hours later. *Please note I am not a medical professional, just a mom that has a baby that occasionally stinks a breathing.  Please contact your doctor if you have any questions. That being said, my little one aspirates anything that he takes orally.  We use the g-tube for all feedings but he will occasionally aspirate on his vomit or even the bath water.…

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Baby Food Log Free Printable

I’ve been printable obsessed!  I’ve been learning some new programs and having a lot of fun creating useful printables! So here is a free food list tracker and daily food log!  I hope you find them useful. Baby E has started purees but has shown some signs of allergies.  We are also being pushed by doctors to meet daily calorie goals.  I created a few printables to help me keep track of which foods may be causing reactions and then a daily printable to keep track of his feeding schedule. Please feel free to print off a bunch a create…

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What Is Your Inner Voice Telling Your Children?

  Lately, I’ve been struggling under the weight of my youngest son’s health issues.  I spend all day playing nurse, therapist and advocate that sometimes it’s hard to take a step back and see myself as just mom. I recently had a conversation with someone who was finally honest with me and it was eye opening and refreshing. She pointed out that when I talked about him I put a lot of focus on what he can’t do.  I was immediately ashamed.  As his protector, I’ve made it a point to ask family members to refrain from discussing his diagnosis’s in…

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G-Tube Must Have Items

gtube must haves

*This post contains affiliate links, but I don’t recommend anything that I haven’t tried and loved!  Baby E received his Gtube a few months ago.  He received it on a Monday and by Wednesday we were sent home to figure the rest out.  It has been a crazy ride.  I’ll never forget how unprepared I felt the first time the tube fell out into my hands while replacing his pad. I remember googling what I needed for bringing him home and what to expect and surprisingly my search results came up empty.  I thought I’d throw together a quick list of…

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Nissen/G-tube Surgery, Our Story with a Positive Outcome

Nissen Gtube Surgery

  You’ve probably landed here because your doctor has suggested the Nissen/G-tube surgery for your little one. We were in your shoes just a short month ago. It was during our second hospital stay for aspiration pneumonia that my doctor had suggested it. Our son was on the highest dose of Nexium he could have and was still miserable. Couldn’t tolerate more than 20 oz of milk a day, hadn’t gained weight in two months, and of course, there was the pnemonia which we were warned would soon start causing irreparable lung damage. It took me days to make the final decision.…

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A Letter To The New Tubie Mom

The first time the nurse walked me through venting and feeding my little boy I saw stars.  I had to take a minute to sit down.  I get grossed out and queasy easily and I can’t say feeding him was the most pleasant experience at first take. Becoming a tubie mom was overwhelming.  I muddled through it again and again, until I was confident feeding him on my own like it was no big deal.  When the time came I assured the nurses I was ready to head home and walked out of the hospital with my head held high.…

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