G-Tube Must Have Items

gtube must haves

*This post contains affiliate links, but I don’t recommend anything that I haven’t tried and loved!  Baby E received his Gtube a few months ago.  He received it on a Monday and by Wednesday we were sent home to figure the rest out.  It has been a crazy ride.  I’ll never forget how unprepared I felt the first time the tube fell out into my hands while replacing his pad. I remember googling what I needed for bringing him home and what to expect and surprisingly my search results came up empty.  I thought I’d throw together a quick list of…

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Keeping Kids Safe Online: For Busy Families

Kids Online Safety

*This post contains affiliate links,  however, I personally use and love this product.  Our oldest son is in the Second grade.  Like most kids he LOVES electronics.  They even have laptops in the classroom! My husband and I have struggled with limiting his time online.  We are busy, we get home, make dinner, get the house picked up, take care of the baby and before we know it, we realize that our oldest has just spent 2 hours playing on his tablet. We went out in search of a program where we could set time limits on all of his…

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Truths From A Boy Mom

Boy Mom

I’m a boy mom.  The only estrogen in this house comes from the dog and I.  I’m OK with this because she and I don’t always see eye to eye.  I couldn’t imagine living with another woman.  So yes I’m perfectly fine being the only queen in this castle.  It definitely comes with some perks, but I must say it’s interesting being outnumbered. And by interesting I mean some days I want to pull my hair out, run away to the spa, and never look back.  But since I have daycare to pay for and three men depending on me I’ve had…

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Nissen/G-tube Surgery, Our Story with a Positive Outcome

Nissen Gtube Surgery

  You’ve probably landed here because your doctor has suggested the Nissen/G-tube surgery for your little one. We were in your shoes just a short month ago. It was during our second hospital stay for aspiration pneumonia that my doctor had suggested it. Our son was on the highest dose of Nexium he could have and was still miserable. Couldn’t tolerate more than 20 oz of milk a day, hadn’t gained weight in two months, and of course, there was the pnemonia which we were warned would soon start causing irreparable lung damage. It took me days to make the final decision.…

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Ultimate List of Teething Must Haves


  Teething is the worst!  Seriously!  Our sweet smiling babies turn into drooling, snotting, crabby messes that won’t listen to reason. Just about the time you start wondering why your baby has turned into a monster and you see the first sliver of a tooth.  It’s exciting until 3 more start coming in all at once and you become desperate for relief.  Which brings us to my ultimate list of teething must haves! Here are my tried and true teething relief products!   Nuby Soothing Teether Set–  Out of all of the teethers these are my guy’s absolute favorite, especially…

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Pregnancy After Loss

  When I found out I was expecting again, I felt the excitement and then immediately felt terrified.  What was supposed to be such a beautiful time was plagued with fear and anxiety.  I was hesitant to share anything about my pregnancy and no one seemed to understand.  Having successfully survived a pregnancy after loss I thought it important to share how I mentally got through it. These are my tips for coping with a pregnancy after a loss and a great printable at the bottom of the post! Find A Support Group– Whether it be a local PALS group or…

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Message To The Stranger Asking About My Preemie

  Walking through the grocery store with my preemie in my ring sling avoiding eye contact. It never fails some lady will walk up and in that baby voice ask, “Aw, how old is he?? He’s so tiny!” They may even try to get in our bubble and touch him. I struggle with this and always begin to over-explain myself, as I back up and create space. Sometimes they’ll even chime in with their story about their 6lb 37-week preemie and how they understand. Because you know 6lbs is close to 3lbs. I know it’s ultimately innocent but… STOP JUST…

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DIY Coffee Bar

I wanted to share how I created my own DIY Coffee Bar.  My family is in love with it!  We are Keurig and tea obsessed.  Even the seven-year-old is well versed in how to make a nice cup of hot chocolate. My inspiration started with my chalkboard I found at Ikea a while back, but I also found many similar ones on Amazon.  I love the hooks to hang our favorite coffee mugs and the chalkboard saying is the icing on the cake. My husband went all out when purchasing the Keurig.  I thought he went a bit overboard but…

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October Income Report

  At some point during my first month of blogging I came across an income report.  This blogger was making thousands of dollars a month.  It was inspiring but also seemed so far out of reach.   As I start my journey towards a stay at home mom I’ve started putting more time into my blog.  I’m learning how to make better graphics and how to use pinterest to drive traffic.  I’m becoming familiar with affiliate income and trying to settle into my niche. After a lot of debating I thought I would start posting my income reports. I hope…

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A Day In The Life Of An Exclusively Pumping, Full-Time Working Mom

Exclusively Pumping; Full Time Working Mom

My baby is 5 months old and has long been sleeping through the night. However, my first alarm for the day goes off at 2am.  I make my way out to the kitchen, heat up some milk and add it to the baby’s continuous feed bag.  Sometimes I’ll then sit down and pump but often I fall exhausted back into bed.  My next alarm goes off at 5am and I debate whether or not I have enough time to sleep another half hour.  The answer is always no so I grab my robe and phone and quietly sneak out to…

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